What is a smart contract? How does it work? And what are they good for?

What are smart contracts?

A smart contract is an agreement between two or more parties in the form of computer code. The contracts are stored on the blockchain and cannot be changed.

Transactions that take place in a smart contract are processed by the blockchain, which means they can be sent automatically without the intervention of a third party.

When you enter into an agreement with a smart contract, no confidential advisor is required. The transactions only take place if the conditions in the agreement are met.

What can smart contracts do?

Smart contracts…

Drawing is an illusion, you aren’t making circles and squares and cubes, you’re making lines that convince the brain that it’s looking at circles and squares and cubes.

Getting Started Drawing a Head

If you have trouble making smooth strokes in general, it’s most likely a mix of arm control, practice, and lying to yourself. You say you can’t draw a decent circle, but odds are you can, because you can most likely draw the letter o just fine, which is a circle. …

More people are online than ever before. More people are desperate than ever before. Learn how to use that 👇

Is this the right course for me?

Good question. My courses are NOT for everyone. You need to be a good fit. This is the prefect course for you if you check any of the following boxes:

  • You like having a business card that says I’m CEO bitch.
  • You dream of petting elephants in a Southeast asian monarchy with a questionable human rights record.
  • You have $100 to spare.

Basics first. What is a Ponzi scheme?

Say I managed to save $500 from my day job. I find 5 people who begrudgingly agree to…

Basics, Oscillators & Waveforms, Filters, Envelopes, Modulation, Advanced Waveforms. An Explanation of analog subtractive synthesis. Part 1.

Terms & Abbreviations Used

Osc        - Oscillator
Kybd - Keyboard
LPF - Low Pass Filter
HPF - High Pass Filter
Amp - Amplifier
Env - Envelope
Mod - Modulation
LFO - Low Frequency Oscillator: usually used for modulation

The reMouseable trick

Drawing some pixel arts, or white-boarding on your computer with the stylus?It’s possible with a little tool call reMouseable.

ssh enables a computer client, say the reMarkable tablet, to send packets over the network to a computer server, say your PC. It relies on a well-established secure protocol working across multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and OSX.

reMouseable receives the ssh incoming messages and convert them accordingly, allowing the tablet to act as an input device.

This effectively turn the reMarkable into a Graphic tablet input device.

How To

Grab the latest reMouseable build from the releases page. …

Deploying machine learning models for serving on Kubernetes provides useful auto scaling features, and metrics gathering out of the box with the native metrics-server.

This article outlines the steps to deploy Models servers onto Kubernetes, leveraging BentoML for the packaging of models and server instances, and Knative to make deployment even simpler than having to manage pods and define auto-scaling groups.

BentoML steps

Getting started with BentoML is pretty easy, the Quickstart guide is a good place to start.

1/ Install BentoML and scikit-learn locally

pip install bentoml scikit-learn

2/ Clone the repo containing the example

git clone git@github.com:bentoml/BentoML.git

3/ Install python…

The VNC trick

VNC is a desktop-sharing system that enables a client to see the screen of another computer and act on it remotely. It relies on a well-established protocol supporting multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and Android.

rmvncclient brings both VNC to the reMarkable device by allowing the tablet to connect to a remote VNC server, show the remote screen on its E-Ink display and interact with it through the touchscreen.

This can effectively turn the tablet into a second screen for your computer. …

If you are a literature researcher or simply read a lot of science paper, when reading on your favorite app, you can easily select specific parts of a text and images, then highlight it.

All the marked content can be quickly accessed later. This makes research a lot easier.

Is it possible on the reMarkable? Yes sir.

Its very simple:

  • Highlight the text you want to extract using the highlighter on reMarkable
  • You can also extract images by drawing a frame around it
  • Export the PDF to your computer
  • Use biff.
  • You get an open office file (odt) with extracted text and images.

You can download biff here: https://github.com/soulisalmed/biff

Et voila:

You will need Python installed on your computer. The tool support some parameters to adjusts the image quality setting, and works very well with 2 columns PDFs as well.

Having the experience of seeing the precious metal market boom in the 2000’s, from the lows when central banks were selling, to the high when accumulation increased due to systemic uncertainties, one has to ask whether something like that can happen again — and if it will, when will that be?

Given that these are markets with a very high degree of leverage and price manipulation, an accurate price prediction might be next to impossible without inside knowledge. …

I saw one of my friends on social media posted a picture of a snake they found under their porch. Naturally, as I sifted through the comments…

I saw many of people commenting “I would have killed it!” or other statements condemning the animal for being disgusting or scary.

It has always been amazing to me how just the sight of a tiny snake makes people want to start killing them (imagine if that were the case for other animals). Then I found the one comment that gave me pause.

“I wish all snake species went extinct.”

Okay, ignoring the…


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